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Sex curry can have a lovely smell if you know the right mashing up process of sexual urges, moves you make and the tricks you follow for turning on the heat! Most guys can readily connect to the word ‘sex’ while the female brigade needs time to understand their own libido, its kicks and how she wants to have her sex platter, filled! Well, guys, just get it right on your head that when you make a deft use of your tongue and hands , you can never go wrong, but take her to the verge of orgasmic pleasure. The same applies for guys to- girls listen up! The pleasure –filled passion ride seems to be absolutely mind-boggling for him/her, if you know how to go about it!


Move your tongue- right, baby! : Tips for guys

  • The swirling and twirling begins inside the mouth, when intensifying the moments of lip-lock and nothing can be sexier than this if you are a good kisser, boy!
  • Let your tongue be active all around her juicy breasts, while your teeth can pop up and do some nibbling of nipples or the lower end of her boobs!
  • Make sex lip-smacking by circling your tongue in and around her navel. These circular patterns that your tongues make also  work in turning things steamy when moving in her erogenous spots like inner thighs, toes, buttocks and the likes
  • Titillation can be redefined when you tug at her clit… yeahh.. it can be  a heavenly feeling, making her to draw you in, when you her giving her oral!
  • Licking can be very ultra-sensitive and when it is your tongue, let it roll, twirl and tweak to offer her oodles of satisfaction in the lap of eroticism

Girls gear up- Tips for girls

  • When it is about fueling your passion pangs, then go about it in the passionate smooching session by reciprocating to his tongue moves or taking in charge of situations
  • He will love it if you go for smearing his collar bones, arms, chest with your saliva- a must-connecting session for both of you
  • Go slow with your circular tongue movements in and around his torso and his inner thighs- he might grab your hair and want you to the core- be playful, don’t give in easily if you want sex to be absolutely raunchy! Build up-build up – girl!
  • When you take charge, unzip him and his gun is in your charge, just touch the tip of his penis mildly with your tongue, you can tug it once or twice! The most sensitive pack of nerves is bundled there, he will be moaning, huffing and puffing to the core..
  • Take care of his gun by moving your tongue up and down the shaft of his penis, making him to want you crazily!

So if you have some naughty tricks up your arms with the successful use of your tongue, go about making sex awesome in one word! Have fun!

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