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The way you spice things up in a steamy knock-out session does not only depend on your mood, sexual libido, but how well you have the ingredients arranged for you. Sex can get raunchier and spicier when you add dollops of syrupy romantic juice and make a cocktail of eroticism with romance. It is not only your epic cleavage, juicy twins, washboard stomach that can act as your weapons in a passionate encounter- dress up in tune with his taste and see how the steaminess just gets higher.

Sexy Dresses

Lacy dresses

Whether it is the much-favored, topping the priority list,LBDs or lace dresses of candy colors or midnight blue or in raven black- it can loosen up the senses of your guy, making him to drown in the erotic pool. Those toned thighs and leaner legs flaunting themselves and the frilly charm of a lace dress playing that ‘see-me’ and ‘see-me-not’ game gives a higher visual dose to your guy, heightening his imaginative power so that sex gives him the sensual satiety that he is looking for. Under those lacy dresses, that charming lingerie is hidden, does it leave anything to be explicitly vocal?

Dressing in layers

Whether you like it or not, men would love to see you dressed in layers as it leads to turning things saucy in the foreplay. The way you stretch the game of passion, the greater is going to be orgasmic pleasure. If you want to seduce him in the best possible way and build up the momentum, then go for dressing in layers. You are in no mood for a quickie and there is no one at your apartment? Why not just create a string of illusion for him! Make him work hard to get what he covets for; it can only double up sexual fun!

Wearing things baggy is hot!

When you step out of your place, you might not agree to dress up in casual and oversized clothes because that will throw a wrong signal about your vital stats and silhouette. But when it is about weaving stories behind closed doors, wear baggy tops as you will have reasons enough to pull him close. If you do not want him to prance around the room jutting his gun out all there for intercourse, pacify him with a good hand job, while you too enjoy when his hands just go around everywhere once it is inside your baggy top!

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