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When it is about mmuuuuuuaaahhhhhh… for the guys, it begins, sticks and ends at one place- her luscious lips and very few guys will deny this fact! Definitely, as we say charity begins at home, likewise satisfying love-making begins with the sealing of a passionate kiss. it is not only the passionate lip-lock that she yens for- she might spell it out, she might not- but she is keen to get kissed in other areas too!


Nape of the neck – A very sensitive area that seems too arid if you do not reach , cuddle or pamper! Just remove her tresses sexily and gently nibble that area and gradually move down from the hairline to the collar bone. Let her feel the goose bumps and chuckle and appreciate your every move!

Forehead: Planting a kiss on her forehead might not be a bedtime medicine, but it works well when both of you meet after a tiring day or get over a trying situation. Such a peck falls in the “feeling nice” category and it works wonders in showing your affection and the fact that you care . Pull her close to you when she needs the most and kiss her on the forehead!

Fingers: Whether it is a long sucking session, a small bite or a sensitive licking, she will be all tickled and tantalized! Kiss on her fingers, turn her on whether it is during a foreplay or if you are in a mood for quickie. She will love every moment of it!

Nipples: Her juicy assets are her priced possessions and it is what makes her to go gaga over her- the bigger the better! Like men folk die for bigger boobs, ladies secretly too wish for a bigger penis! 😉 So kissing her boobs is something that she dies for deep inside her and her light-pink upright project often deserves and gets the utmost pampering! Of course, the nipples!

Clitoris: Lets go a bit deeper when you are in the exploration mode of her pink cherry, just hit the pack of sensitive nerves, which is her clitoris. No matter how much you dab her clitoris with your fingers, make small circles around it, the sensitive touch of your lips give her an unparallel experience.

Let your smell linger over her… the wetness of your tongue weave many stories and even after both of you are back attending to your daily chores, the chuckle to remain on both your face!

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