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Kiss… a deep passionate one or a peck.. ask your guy friend or your partner, he is always in for a open mouth kissing or a French kiss where there is greater contact of the tongue! A LINGEIRNG KISS…. you think only a bonding mechanism where tongues play their crucial part.. guys and girls don’t be silly to give the other spots in your body waiting to be caressed, cajoled and pampered, a miss! Some erogenous zones are craving for your attention and it is your tongue that can take care of the whole situation! 😉

Tongue Sex

If you have been shoving off the need for foreplay pressed by time or a suitable place of making out, hit a hotel with your girl or a bombshell and let a smoky session be piping hot! Girls listen up! It is not only your partner who is always going to spoil you with erotic care, do your bit too, so that he can feel his importance in your life. Drive him crazy with a licking session and whether you believe it or not, when your soft, pink feathery tongue just breezes through his collar bone, chest area, lower part of the torso and you go deep..go down…. see how he becomes ecstatic. Want to try out the reverse strategy? Well, then start the tongue service from below, his toes and go up! He will want you like crazy and just give in to all his temptations to add that sauciness!

Guys do not feel bogged down if you haven’t come across any tip till now while flipping through these lines. Hey guys, for you things can get really better as from the word ‘go’, the way you peel off her clothes, starting from unhooking her bra- having that tigress in bed become quite an easy task as she has a higher inclination to succumb to that broad chest and stronger arms quite easily.

Let your tongue to roll on her assets after you begin things with a flurry of deep kisses, with closeness and intimacy getting redefined. Put your fingertips to effective use by encircling the area around her nipples, toes, navel before you start the tongue service. Feel pampered and enjoy hearing some awesome moans AHH…. AHHH… go hard, deeper, suck it hard honey, I want more…. Can things get better than this? Tongues are not only used for rumor-mongering, it has a sizzling role to make sex a sultry affair!

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