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Hey ladies! Poking fun at a guy when you are with your all-girl group is easy; laughing your heart out when enjoying a mushy view at the park is easy; feeling it and cumming after watching a real hot clip and rushing to the washroom is easy- but when the table is turned to your side and that big night is beckoning you- girl you got to watch out for it! You can plan things up with a friend with benefits a handsome hunk you met in the mall, became amiable with and thought of giving one-night stand a try, or it can be your husband awaiting things on the much awaited wedding night- the lucky guy who will be plucking at your cherry got to be careful if it’s your first time!

Losing your virginity- a big deal? Well! Let’s shove this question up for now, do not let your moral scruples to peep out. When it is your first time, the key is to talk it out before the sex session, so that you are at ease. Clear out the confusions, no matter how lame your questions are before your guy pin you down to bed. Though guys have a thing for “throw-me-down-sex’ with their partner because they want to roar like lion in their den (read ‘bed’ here) – cuddling up, fondling with each others’ erogenous parts can also make your feel the heat, take the temperature to the next level! When you really have a scintillating foreplay, it paves the way for an awesome sex session.

Sex is not only about thrusting or a deeper penetration- it is about sensing the feeling of being real close to each other, relishing the essence of intimate companionship to your heart’s content. When you are on, indulge in dirty-talking, praising your guy which can make the game of love and lust more meaningful! Guys love to see blood after your virgin knot gets the multiple shots and gives in to the man’s organ readily and the bit of ‘bloody’ affair takes the confidence level of men and their sense of achievement a notch higher. If your plan of making out is in a hotel and you do want to make things messy, you can carry a towel or a bed sheet. Be ready to bear some pain as the pleasure that comes with pain often touches the heart endearingly!

So girls just get, set, go! Lap up pleasure when the time is ripe without feeling the hiccups!

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