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Heard of the phrase ‘lemon squeeze’ or ‘cowbell’ off late (of course with their sexual innuendos) making sex sessions hotter? Well, squeezing gets an all new dimension when you have taken the oath to offer pleasure and seek pleasure in a mutually reciprocal relationship. It is the assets of women, their curves, voluptuousness which make guys to remain awestruck and drool over their fabulous bodies. When it comes to heating things up between the sheets, add that pinch of pepper in the form of a squeezing act which ensures higher blood circulation, making the hot chick to feel that ultimate sensation! If you slather a bottle of mango juice, some chocolate sauce or whipped cream, then nothing can stop the boob pressing, licking and sucking session from getting prolonged!

Erotic Fun

Why not weave the magic of hot-n-cold play? Hey boy when your fingers make the small round circles, or just grip her round assets and you press, twitch and twirl her pink projections, the pack of sensitive nerves in her breast feels the heat and just responds to your hand job. Your smooth touch coupled with the lip/ mouth service you offer for sucking her erogenous spots and her assets, infuses you with the pride that you are devouring her really well, while she huffs and puffs, going down in the ocean of temptation! It is the twins of a gorgeous lady that is always eager to be pampered, caressed and cajoled and it is eagerly fondled and pressed by the happy bunch of men folk!

Clitoris stimulation is something that can take a woman some steps ahead for a fulfilling orgasm, so guys do not miss out on this! Clit rubbing, pinching and squeezing with a little dabbing of your fingertips on the clitoris area and on its hood can really make her weave a tale of moans and groans, which will, in turn, elevate your confidence level! So now you know how to get better in bed!

Guys do not get impatient if you are not getting any tips till now how she will make love to you or crave for intimate companionship with you? Girls do not bottle up your desire, come clean in front of your partner when it is about offering your guy that ultimate sense of satisfaction as they also deserve their share of satisfaction. Why not just try reciprocating like pinching his cushiony bum, just the way he squeezes yours. His nipples also work in turning him on when you just give it the right twirling effect! His male organ, mainly the tip or the shaft will not mind a bit of pampering or squeezing with the soft, nimble fingers, so guys and girls get, set and go!

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