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Whether you have slept with a dozen girls or you are a virgin, does not matter much if you do not know how to play it well! Being naughty, curious and eager to explore can only make your girl speak out that you are really good in bed……. boy! It is not about rolling in your tongue, squeezing her assets or just pouncing at her- go slow, feel the impact of a soft touch, a soft murmuring, the small titillation and tantalization that can make the red fire of passion, bloodshot red!

Men are known for their inclination to go for a quickie or make the most of it by get things done in a jiffy. They hanker for sex and whether it is a staircase, bed, floor, table or the sink in the cooking zone, they do not mind dropping off their pants! Hey men folks just stop by- did you feel how she twists and twirls when you play with her locks; blow near her nape? She has goose bumps when you just make small, round circles with your fingertips near her soft assets! Try making those small circles near her navel, or just rub mildly her knee pit, put your face near her cleavage- just do not do anything and see how she craves and longs for that moment of intimacy. She will want her thirst for passion to be quenched as soon as possible- prolong things, let her want you like never before!

It is the slice of tangerine or hot pepper that you bring in the way you make love which proves to be really intoxicating in weaving a tale of lust with the naughty moves acting as the topping. This tip goes out for the partners in a live-in relationship. If sex has not been your cup of tea for some time now and only restricted to mushy tales, then a tuck at her bra strap from behind while she might be rustling up something in the kitchen or just putting your hands inside her tank top and moving those up can really start off things in a great way! Mild biting or sucking at the beginning when your partner least expects it can be an awesome start to a bed-rattling session later. Guys and girls just change your spices, experiment with newer ones when you are cooking a sex curry and then you will never feel the bland taste!

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