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You want your pleasure pool to be filled up to the brim and why not? There is a certain myth involving around the fact that if guys use condom, they take time to get aroused or this rubber-thing comes in the way of steady erection for guys. However, this love-glove is not that bad after all! Sex without condom is often touted to be more fulfilling and passionate, but it is always wise to play safe! You do not need to compromise on the fun quotient either. Studies have shown that couples enjoying sex with or without condom did not feel much of a difference.. It’s all in the mind guys! Put it on and bid goodbye to your worries and anxieties after the make-out session!

There are pleasure-enhancing innovations that the male brigade of this generation is using and it can only zing up their experience! Whether it is the flavoured ones or the dotted protection shields, just pamper your manhood to get into a shield before it rocks the bed and takes your partner to the next level of erotica.

Whether it is a one-night stand you are looking for with a hot chick or want to make love with a  happening diva after the rocking party, it is always advisable to let your gun do the talking not naked, but with a outer covering! You can avoid the chances of avoiding genital diseases, can easily cast aside the pregnancy issues and have unbridled fun and passion without tension just knocking you down.

It is good to give vent to your carnal desires when you are in bed, but amidst that ultimate pleasure, do not forget to peep into your organ and check the condom sitting on top of your gun, in case of any breakage or leakage! When you take those little pauses while love-making, you can be updated about the news of how your organ’s rubber friend is keeping!

When donning your rubber companion, let your penis grip it well with no room for baggy spots- it should sit tight! When you are going completely wild with the unfurling of your erotic desires, those ultimate moments when the sperms come out, dropping it on your rubber  friend is a much easier and intelligent option! So boy have your erotic fill without putting on your thinking cap and see how that love-glove can only heighten your senses, expectations and fulfillment in that devouring act, without acting as a hindrance!

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