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Is your heart lonesome, driven by dull moments of being ‘alone’ deprived of some sweet companionship? Well folks, in this age no one is alone, the pleasure spots strewn in your way all across UK can make your life more vibrant and colorful! Whether you are not in a steady relationship by choice or fear the word ‘commitment’ – you have options galore; divas who are up for raw, sensuous fun can offer you titillating and fulfilling girlfriend experience! Say cheers to singlehood with a s
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Do you often feel that things that often clog your mind are best left to be fantasized? Often it is the ego that pops up for guys when they are in need of some sexual favors or there is a typical uncanny hesitation that make them feel, why sell out my dark side? When you enjoy the company of a cool vixen that you hire from a top reputed escort agency, that sultry siren will be up for fun and also make you come up with a wow at her every sensual move, naughty tricks and more. The fetish escort wh
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You might have fired up your imagination layering it fanciful stuffs that your girl will be curvy, brown-haired, gifted with blue eyes, a fab figure and the list goes on- hey boy, hold on, are you placing a custom-made order for your girl or you are dating someone with her flaws and scoring points combined together? Whether she is your wife, girl, or a hot chick to add value to your pleasure hours, if you happen to meet a loud diva, do not make plans to run away, but find out how you can gel wit
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Why do you think women invest hundreds and thousands on the perfect pair of lingerie—satin and lacy? You would be surprised to know that lingerie work as the best “turn on” agency for men while having sex, and can be used as the best possible sex prop to lighten, brighten and spice up your bedroom activities. While we women are maestros in picking up the best lingerie to make us look sensuous and sexy, there are certain lingerie which the men love to see on us. Ever cared to know about th
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Bras are not only for providing a firm look to your breasts. They serve other—perhaps more important—purposes as well. You have no idea how much you can entice and tease your partner by wearing the perfect quarter-cup bra! Quarter-cup or cup-less or shelf bras are tailor-made for bedroom purposes, and are generally underwired with perfect elastic bands to provide a great shape to your twins, exposing perfectly the nipple region and the areola. Ah, well! While you go on to play with the
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In these age of hi-fi gadgets and social networking, sexting has become quite an “it” thing! One may like it or hate it, but ignoring it is simply impossible. While the men shout out loud about their love for sexting, women have always kept low about their affair with sexting. But no more so; for here are some pointers that’ll give everyone a fair idea about how the women see and perceive sexting! 1. Some find it funnier than sexier! Well, you’ve heard it right. Thanks to the galor
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Have you ever tried making love out in the open? Or, if you’re more adventurous (literally!), then out in the woods? Well, don’t worry if you haven’t yet—there’s always a first time! In the meantime, while you decide on the venue and time, here’re some sex positions that you may try out in the open and have the most passionate and exciting sex ever! 1. Pop-A-Squat—Exciting and Endearing Let your partner (male) lie down on a bed of grass, and let yourself rest atop him in a reve
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Little things can let you ruin the pleasure of sex, and if you can mend them properly, you may just have the best sex ever with every passing day! Here’s a list of few common mistakes that men make (along with their respective solutions), and end up having an unsatisfactory sex life— 1. Arousal Can Happen Anytime Unlike men, arousal in women needs time and doesn’t happen with the blink of an eye. Hence, foreplay is quite necessary in these cases. So, play with your lady—fondle her bo
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Did you just say you’ve a hot colleague with whom you’re recently exchanging glances more than normal? If yes, then you may be entering one of the best and most flirtatious days of your life for nothing can possibly beat office romance—and, well, sex too! But since it’s your office, you must take extra care to initiate any kind of relationship since it may lead to quite messy situations. The trick is to bid farewell to the clichéd measures, and flag it off in the most casual but love
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No matter how much of a hush-hush affair it was in the past, sex has always been good for you! However, often after being involved in an active sexual life with your partner, you see the spice missing. But does that mean it’s time to call quits? Of course, no! Instead, try out some raunchy, naughty and “young” activities in your sexual life, and instill it with spice and flirty love— Start with a romantic evening at the beachside seafood restaurant Seafood is known to provide great
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