CupidUkEscorts.co.uk – Who We Are, What We Do & How We Do It? – CupidUkEscorts.co.uk have been operating since 2005, and have established ourselves to be one of the escort industries leading advertising companies. We spend a huge amount of time and money on promoting our business ensuring that our members can be assured of the latest hottest escorts and our escorts can be assured of maximum exposure to all Escorting opportunities.

With so many Escort Agencies, Introduction Services, Dating Agencies, Personal Introduction Consultants and Matchmaking Services, there is a greater potential to get confused about which is the right choice of company for you. With CupidUkEscorts.co.uk you can be assured of absolute professionalism! Clients / Members As an industry leader in the escort advertising business  we are famous for our Beautiful Women, Handsome Men, Distinguished Faces and Personalities. All of our Escorts are capable of interaction in all realms of social environments. With thousands of Professional Escorts registered you can be certain of an Escort that is just right for you or maybe even a friend or lover!

Adult Dating With over 500,000 people in Britain alone being members of some form of dating or Introduction Service we provide an important role in everyday life. All our new Adult Dating members will be joining hundreds and hundreds of other satisfied single people who were looking for adult relationships, sexy companionship and A GOOD TIME and in many cases LOVE.
What makes Us Different. Simple. We attract people who have more of an Adult and Adventurous attitude?
But don’t be mistaken our role is the same as a normal Dating Agency we just attract people who have more of a ‘ADULT ZEST FOR LIFE’.

Find an Escort, New Members.

Why Join and become a member? – Perhaps you have a special night out planned and require a handsome or beautiful partner by your side. Maybe you just enjoy the company of a sexy, charming and socially graced professional who will guarantee you an enjoyable time. Each one of our stunning escort is a professional individual, fully committed to ensuring that the time you spend in their company feels EXCEPTIONALLY FULFILLING! Included on our books are white, black, ebony, red heads, blondes, brunettes, Asian and oriental escorts, as well as mature, models and glamor models.

What can you expect from an Escort?Our Escorts will accompany/meet you whenever and wherever you would like. Offering a 24 hour service our escorts fulfill all your desires from dinner dates to an evening at the races from parties to the theater from an Opera to a quiet night out – even a late night meeting!

The point is that it is entirely your choice. Our Escorts are all very professional and make you feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. If you are visiting the country for a few days and need a chaperone, then an escort is the ideal companion. You can book ahead of arriving, and even be met at the airport. Also if you need an escort to accompany you abroad this can be arranged very easily too.

Why should I join? – As an industry leading escort advertising service, you are guaranteed to find an escort that meets your requirements.

IMORTANT – We spend thousands advertising and recruiting escorts to advertise their services from all sources, which means we don’t just recruit via the internet. So here you will find escorts that are unique to CupidUkEscorts.co.uk

Why do we charge members to see our Escorts? (SPECIAL OFFER CURRENTLY “FREE” TO JOIN!) – We take a small payment to confirm that you are over 18 years of age. This also means that the escorts know you are serious about meeting them and won’t let them down and because we only give the escort contact details to registered ‘members’ then we attract the best Escorts that you won’t find anywhere else who offer the most fantastic and discrete service.

How do I select / meet an Escort?- You can select an escort by viewing both their private photo’s and video’s a long with their detailed profiles. You can also do a more detailed search specifying your escort preferences i.e. hair color, eye color, build and height, along with the area in which you would like to meet. This will then show you the matches along with photographs from which you can contact the escort directly and arrange to meet.

You can also save your favorite escorts so that you can get easy access to them in the future. Once you have registered as a member you will have access to the escorts portfolio which includes their contact details. You can then contact the escort directly. Most escorts are available 24 hours a day, however, try to give notice where possible.

How do I become a member? (SPECIAL OFFER CURRENTLY “FREE” TO JOIN!) – Firstly you will need to complete a simple on-line registration form. Secondly you need to pay for your membership online using either credit or debit card. Once payment has been authorized your personal password will go live. You will have complete access to all our escorts and their personal photographs and videos.

What are the membership fees? (SPECIAL OFFER CURRENTLY “FREE” TO JOIN!) – LIMITED OFFER – £1 to be a member for one week. Join Now (£4.99 per week thereafter). Once you have paid your details will be confirmed by e-mail and can start viewing our escorts immediately. Membership includes unlimited access for the period you have signed up for.

Method of Payment – Your payment is required by debit/credit card and we accept the following: Visa & Master cards. For personal and credit card security, we utilize a secure server, through which we process your transaction.

Confidentiality & Online Security – This is a private and exclusive company that treats confidentiality seriously, both for you the client and the members. When you register you can take an alias/nick name to hide your true identity with the escorts. Discrete billing – All Media Services is the name that appears on your bank statement. We have the most up to date security methods ensuring you have a confident online customer experience. We integrate with Secpay and our online payment process is seamless and secure. Secpay is a Verisign trusted (SSL security) company.

How much will I pay an Escort? – The price structure is based on an hourly rate and it depends which escorts you choose. We have no involvement in the overall payment and prices can be negotiated. However, we recommend that you pay all agreed fees in cash in full at the start of the meeting to avoid any complications or miscommunications. You are also expected to pay for any additional expenses (i.e. travel, theater tickets, meals and drinks, etc…)

Become a Male Escort
Got what it takes? – So you’re thinking about becoming an escort?  Or maybe you’re already an established Independent Escort and want to expand your marketing efforts. Well, whatever you want, CupidUkEscorts.co.uk is here to provide everything you need to run a successful escorting business with huge earning potential.

Is This The Right Business For You? – There are many perks to working as an escort. Not only could you be traveling the world whilst meeting fascinating people, but you also have the advantage of choosing your work hours to fit around your life (not the other way round). Get wined and dined at the expense of the client and (of course) make an absolute fortune with very little ‘work’!

Am I eligible enough to be an escort?You do not need to have model looks and the perfect body to be an escort. There are thousands of men and women looking for individuals who are smart, immaculate and professional. If you are confident you can provide a good professional service then this is the perfect job for you and we would love you to join the Cupid escorts team.

Male escorting is rapidly growing amongst professional business women who travel and women who simply do not have the time to date men in general. With many women’s magazines currently featuring articles on male escorting, it is no longer a taboo subject and perfectly acceptable in our modern world. Thousands of women are using on-line dating services and internet chat rooms, all eager to get to know men they have never even met. Escorting is just an extension of this.

Why become a male escort? – If you know how to treat a lady (or Man) and make them feel special you could be a very successful male escort. Many women do not have the time due to demands of business and children to go out and meet people. More and more are booking with us just for company to social gatherings, corporate events where they want to be accompanied in male dominated situations. Some women simply want to be wined and dined and to pay for this pleasure.

With so many marriage breakdowns we have found the most popular age of our female members are between 25 and 40. This isn’t to say you will not get bookings for younger or older.

Services you are expected to provide – Like female escorting you decide what level of service you are prepared to provide whether this be a full XXX escorting service or a Social Escort only service. There are many male escorts that are non-sexual escorts and have a number of bookings for companionship only.

Give it a go! – If you have now decided to give escorting a go we are really happy to accept you! Once you have applied with us at  CupidUkEscorts.co.uk you will then be required to fill out and create your profile. The more detailed your profile is, the more work you could potentially get.

Setting Expectation? – If your strong points are your sense of humor, your charm and your professional appearance, make sure you write about this. Women want to hear these things and know what they are getting. Make sure your photographs are up to date to avoid any disappointment. The key is not to lie about stats or age, you don’t need to, there is a market for everybody! If you do offer extra services in escorting, you can state your likes and preferences on your profile. If you want to be a male escort only but after meeting certain clients you would offer extra services it is best to advertise yourself as a social escort. Any arrangement after meeting your client can be discussed between two consenting adults and extra payment can then be taken.

Female Escort Services
There are thousands of female escorts offering all sorts of services to satisfy every individual.  There are a variety of clients out there who all have different preferences to what and who they like. Therefore escorting is open to anyone. How successful you are is to be determined by how you conduct yourself.

What sort of service to expect? – Every female escort on our site will state on their profile what sort of services they are willing to do? Many of our female escorts offer an escorting only service where they will accompany the client on any social event, business trip, hospital appointments or trips to the theater or wining and dining. We also have many experienced escorts who provide a full female escorting service and younger fresh-faced female escorts who are also happy to provide a full service from hotel appointments to private home bookings for an intimate and fulfilling experience.

Depending on what services our female escorts offer will reflect on what their hourly rate is but all of our escorts are encouraged to be detailed in their profile about what service they are willing to provide.

The importance of communication – Communication is the key between the female escort and the client, thus ensuring the client receives their ideal female escorting experience, any special requirements by the client should always be discussed beforehand in order to avoid any disappointment.

What if the escort and client are not to your taste? – If you are an existing female escort you will be aware that not all of your clients will be your ideal taste. When this happens the female escort needs to remember she is offering a professional service and is expected to offer the services she advertises on her profile. We recommend that both the female escort and the member should apply basic principles when booking the service. Good personal hygiene is always expected from the female escort and likewise should be expected from the client. Remember the client will more likely receive a better intimate service if hygienically clean and fresh. Being polite and respectful should always be expected, escorting is a professional business and our female escorts should be treated like professional business women.
Providing our members are none threatening we do expect all of our female escorts to offer the service that they portray on their profile, after all there is excellent money to be made.
Please check out the reviews of some of our most popular female escorts!

Be the Real ‘Secret Diary of a call Girl’! – When Billie Piper first committed herself to the series, she had no idea of how her feelings toward escorting would change. Beforehand her views on escorting were that of desperate women trying to earn extra cash in order to support either a drug habit or a family. When Billie interviewed the real belle de jour and started acting series 1 she found the job to be nothing to what she had imagined. “It was ‘fun, it was ‘classy’ it was a job that enabled girls all over the world to enjoy lavish lifestyles, live like a millionaire and entertain some of the most prestigious gentlemen and women in the world”.

So is it real or fake? – The fact is escorting has changed. It IS morally acceptable and a necessity in our busy lives where career people simply do not have the time to go out and meet sexy, attractive people. We are also fast becoming a nation of single bachelors’ and single career driven professional women who don’t want a partner in their life. What better way to enjoy life than being single, successful and have the pick of any male or female that you desire by the click of a button.

The recent argument broadcasted on many feminist chat shows is the ‘the secret diary of a call girl’ glorifies prostitution. Well yes it does to an extent because there IS that glamorous and sexy side to it whether you are an escort offering all services or an escort who charges for companionship only. You are a socialite butterfly and one adored after by many.

The secret diary of a call girl highlights many girls escorting for a ‘Madame’ or agent and unfortunately does not show them in a good light. Let’s be realistic here, agents do a good job and charge at least 30% but they do get girls work. They are not your friend and won’t be loyal to you.

As the series shows it is an industry where you have to look after number 1 and be your own boss.

As the television series films the life of an escort who builds up regular clientele and goes it alone, this is the reality of glamorous escorting with us. You are your own boss, no agent/Madame fees, no rules and no one to answer to.

Escorting can be an amazing lifestyle. If you present yourself well and conduct yourself appropriately for every situation the gifts, the dining, the holidays and company are the unbelievable perks to the job and not forgetting a life changing bank balance!

What can I expect as a Social Escort? – As a Social Escort you will be expected to accompany Clients to a variety of functions, from 5 Star Restaurants, wine tasting, Royal Ascot, private villas abroad, the theater or Opera….the list goes on! Traveling the world is also a prerequisite for our Escorts which can mean anything from a weekend in Paris to a month in a 5 Star resort in the Caribbean – all paid. A question that we get asked a lot is “Am i expected to have sex with the clients?” The answer is simple – NO..  IF YOU ARE A SOCIAL ESCORT THEN YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO HAVE SEX WITH CLIENTS! When you create your profile you can clearly indicate that you offer social escorting ONLY.

Is there a demand for Social Escort Services? – There are thousands of Men and Women in need of a high class social escorts  offering all sorts of services to satisfy every individual.

So is it real or fake? – The fact is escorting has changed. It IS morally acceptable and a necessity in our busy lives where career people simply do not have the time to go out and meet sexy, attractive people. We are also fast becoming a nation of single bachelors’ and single career driven professional women who don’t want a partner in their life. What better way to enjoy life than being single, successful and have the pick of any male or female that you desire by the click of a button.

If you are an escort who charges for companionship only then you are a social butterfly who is a person that can make people feel happy and comfortable that will be adored and sort after by many.

You are your own boss, no agent/Madame fees, no rules and no one to answer to. Escorting can be an amazing lifestyle. If you present yourself well and conduct yourself appropriately for every situation the gifts, the dining, the holidays and company are the unbelievable perks to the job and not forgetting a life changing bank balance!

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